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NRN at a Glance

Welcome to Nawasena Rahayu Nusantara, our company provides solutions in the areas of National Resilience, Defense and Security. With primary focus on technologies to enhance intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, data transmission, secure communication and electronic warfare capabilities.

We offer training in the form of tactical simulators, complemented by certified trainers to achieve mission success and enhance survivability.

Formed through collaboration of seasoned professionals who have been working together since 2005, we aspire to strengthen Indonesia’s sovereignty through our role in the areas of National Resilience, Defense and Security. Our mission is to deliver technology-based solutions to enable a multiplier effect and assist policymakers to make decisions based on real time situational changes.

As we embrace technological advancements and adapt to the changing world, we remain steadfast in upholding our ancestral cultural heritage and values, enabling us to preserve National cohesiveness while moving towards a sustainable future.

Our company name reflects prayer and aspiration for Indonesia. It is also an integral part of our work philosophy.


A bright future


Safe, prosperous, and far from calamities or deficiencies.


The entire Indonesian archipelago


Become an internationally trusted company in the areas of National Resilience, Defense and Security solutions.


Our Experience

Our company consists of professionals with extensive experience in areas of marine navigation, communication, electronic warfare, defense and security electronic systems. We have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Our principle is to “train the trainer” in our programs and through a structured framework allow personnel to unlock potential for self development and gain the capability to instruct others.

Why Us?

Peace of Mind Through Uncompromising Quality and Commitment

We take pride in delivering excellent work, ensuring peace of mind in all aspects of our service. Our technical experts use genuine equipment and work closely with manufacturers to ensure smooth operations. We also provide limited warranties for added peace of mind and ease.

Knowledge Development

We actively inform our clients regarding latest technologies to foster knowledge, ensuring their policies and solutions remain relevant to evolving challenges. We empower our clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

Periodic Training

We conduct periodic training of our systems when needed by the client to ensure smooth operations.

Growing Together Sustainably

As a long term partner, we foster mutual growth and success. We strive to provide dependable support and build enduring relationships.

Our company adopts an active role to positively contribute to a better, brighter, more prosperous and safe future for Indonesia.

Our Clients